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Services at a glance

Mu Analytics, as a company, provide our bouquet of best services to our clients in the shortest possible time, with closed to 100% accuracy, using Basic and Advanced Data Analytics tools.

All our projects are custom-designed to our client’s business objectives, and all our work is executed and supervised in-house by senior management. MuA is the firm to call if you are looking to do …
Primary Research
Using Qualitative as well as Quantitative methods
Secondary Research
Find relevant data which already exists. Desk research provide you with useful information.
Data Collection
Using Digital Platform – CATI, CAPI using Mobile & computing devices, PAPI, On-line, Focus groups, Depth interviews
Data Analysis
Analysis of data using basic as well as advanced statistical techniques (including Conjoint, Machine Learning etc.) to draw actionable insights
Management information system
Building & Reporting of Management Information Systems for Sales / Marketing, Stocks & Inventory, Finance and Human Resource department
Dashboard Building
Building of Dashboards and hosting them for one time project as well as continuous projects
Data Analytics
Our analytics services allow us to dig deeper and uncover profound insights. From predictive modeling to in-depth analysis, our advanced data capabilities help you take informed decisions.
Social Media Analytics
Gather data from social media websites and analyse the same using social media analytics tools
As part of extended research team
We Help You
With Following Services
Building of research proposal
Questionnaire designing
Scripting of qre. on digital platform
Data analysis & building of presentation
Research report writing
Project management (right from launch of a project till completion)
Quality audits of processes ( measurement of accuracy at data collection, Qre. Scripting, Data processing etc. )


We help our clients develop winning go-to-market strategies for sustainable profitable growth. We accomplish this by gathering market intelligence, converting intelligence into actionable insights, analyzing the competitive landscape, and working with clients to turn insights into strategy and tactics.
ServicesQualitativeQuantitativeData AnalyticsSocial Media
End to End Projects, right from proposal writing to presentationcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26px
Proposal Writingcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26px
Preparation of discussion guidelinescheckmark_26pxna_customna_customna_custom
Questionnaire designing / Developmentna_customcheckmark_26pxna_customna_custom
Scripting of questionnaire on paper based / Digital Platformna_customcheckmark_26pxna_customcheckmark_26px
Receruitment of respondents (Online as well as Offline)checkmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxna_customcheckmark_26px
Moderaton of Groups (Online as well as Offline)checkmark_26pxna_customna_customna_custom
Data Collection (F2F / Telephone / E-mail / CAPI / Online panel / Social Media) na_customcheckmark_26pxna_customcheckmark_26px
In-depth Interviewing (Online as well as Offline)checkmark_26pxna_customna_customna_custom
Content Analysis Using Human Discovery Techniquescheckmark_26pxna_customna_customna_custom
Content Analysis Using Tools Like Diction, Hamlet, Navivocheckmark_26pxna_customna_customna_custom
Audit on Data Collectioncheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxna_customna_custom
Data Cleansing / Massaging / Formattingcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26px
Data Proccessing (Table generation) / Data Analysisna_customcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26px
Statistical Data Analysischeckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26px
Advanced Statistical Data Analysischeckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26px
Building of Statistical / Machine Learning Data Modelcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26px
Report Writingcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26px
Presentation of Insightscheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26pxcheckmark_26px
Social Listeningna_customna_customna_customcheckmark_26px
Content writing of Product / Service na_customna_customna_customcheckmark_26px

Customer Satisfaction / Loyalty Programs
Brand Track Studies
Concept Testing
Website Evaluation
Advertising Research
Product Pricing
Market Segmentation
Market Opportunity Study

We Provide
Our Clients with

Quality / Accuracy
We believe in maintaining standards of quality at every stage of operation so that decision making process is also completely error free and risk of taking wrong decision is at minimum level.
Deep Insights
We apply various methodologies (both qualitative as well as quantitative), Statistical techniques on the data assimilated which helps in uncovering deep insights. We deliver actionable insights and game changing business approaches to reshape market opportunities.
Approach towards a project and decision making process
We start each approach from scratch / fresh perspective and allow data to drive our analyses. Our decision making is not influenced by any process or an individual; it is free of the bias of experience. We provide accurate and objective advisory services to our clients. As an independent, third party, we bring discipline to strategy development without any kind of emotion.
Large and Wider range of experience
Our senior management has been associated with the market industry for last 38 years. The total experience includes working on large no. of research projects, variety of industries and variety of research designs. They have worked on world’s largest FMCG companies and have handled global projects involving 60+ countries.
Head Office
203, SNS Square, Opp. Reliance Market,
Above State Bank of India, Vesu Main Road,
Vesu, Surat, Gujarat-395007, India
Mumbai Office
404, Mahavir Apartment No. 2,
J.P.Road, Seven Bungalows,
Andheri (West), Mumbai-400 053, India
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Copyright by MuAnalytics. All rights reserved.

Copyright by MuAnalytics. All rights reserved.